Gran Bolero - 2019 - photo: Germán Antón

GRAN BOLERO (with 6 dancers from Madrid and 6 from Barcelona)
Winner of the prize "Premios Max 2020": Best Dance Production

It all started three years ago. Everything was quite difficult and I didn’t know what to do. One day I listened to Ravel’s Boléro. Boléro is like an impulse, always forward. I went with it. Music and dance often save you from loneliness.

First I did a fifteen minutes duet. Now I am here, with twelve dancers.

Dance gives hope to the body. Music transforms time in something better.

GRAN BOLERO is body and time. It is also a place where six dancers from Madrid and six from Barcelona can meet to devote themselves to movement and revisit a musical score composed by Ravel in 1928 as an orchestral transcription of a traditional Spanish dance.

GRAN BOLERO is a great opportunity to remember that there was a day when we decided that dance and music would save us from everything else.

video: Belén Iniesta

video: Lucía Marote