Photos: Carlos Losada Mestres & Cireja

The Exercise of Love
It is early morning, I wake up; you wake up. We have nowhere to go. We play the new song by Sonia Rosa, The Look of Love. “Come here, lay down by my side” (I put a blanket over the tiles). The plants of the feet placed on the floor, knees pointing up to the ceiling. We send our breath to the ribcage and, when exhaling, move carefully the lumbar spine. We are very disciplined and do it totally connected, synchronized, without looking at each other. “I have pain in my jaw”, you say, “and don’t know whether it’s caused by nerves, an excessive tension while practicing Pilates or if I should stop doing you oral sex.” We lay on our front and do some exercises to strengthen our lumbar muscles; we need to learn how to improve our core stability and, little by little, we manage to correct our bodies: there is nothing worse than a bad bone structure. You are dynamic and tonic, I am meticulous and loose. Now, being unemployed, health and body care, love exercises and the news related to our favorite artists are more than enough to give sense to our empty days.
A work in progress by Jesús Rubio Gamo and Carlota Mantecón